Race Report: WC #4 Leogang, Austria

Jun 13, 2016

Race Report: DH World Cup #4 Leogang, Austria.

June 11-12th.

Mud Fest.

All Photos by Sven Martin.

It was a nice change to wash off the highly unusual dusty conditions from Fort William. 
Despite the slippery conditions, Sambo would show the fans his technical prowess through the slop and qualify for the big show.
The shiney roots are slipperier than they look. Bulldog has a moment to himself in practice.
Due to a knee injury, Wyn is currently drifting his scooter somewhere between Leogang and Les Gets. If you haven't already seen WynTV and WynTV LIVE on FB, you should. Get well soon Wyn!
2 crashes in quali's meant Jackson would not qualify for the finals. Tough luck for a talented kid who's had and an incredibly consistent first 3 rounds.
Airing it out for the crowd. Sambo ends the weekend in 39th place, an improvement from past weekends and moving in the right direction.
"I got more into the swing at the second half of the track, I had lot's of fun riding and I'm happy to get a decent final run in after having a few rough races. It's not quite where I want to be, but I'm working in the right direction!" - Sambo
Despite a mistake costing Bulldog 2-3 seconds in the finakls, the Bulldog would manage to finish in 19th place. 
"I'm starting to get up to speed, I'm bummed about losing a few seconds near the bottom of the track. I still managed to finish in top 20!" - Brook
No matter the weather, It's always a good time in the pits. 
"Both Sam and Brook had decent runs, and they are moving in the right direction! We do know that they have more under their belt and we are working patiently to get them there to the podiums!' - Mark
See you in Les Gets!