Race Report: EWS #3 Wicklow, Ireland

May 16, 2016


Race Report: EWS #3 Wicklow, Ireland.

April 14-15th.

Luck of the Irish?

All Photos by Sven Martin.

All for the fans. As Ireland is known for its passionate fans, GT Factory Racing was excited and ready to put on a good show. The weather was looking spectacular as the track dried out over the course of the 2 practice days.
Martin was strong through practice and would finish 2nd on Stage 1 during Sunday's race day.
Anneke was excited to be back on the bike after a few weeks rest and training.  She would sit in 4th place after Stage 1.
Despite his success on Stage 1, the luck wasn't with Martin over the next few stages. Stage 2 brought his first flat…and a second on Stage 3. Having already used his spare tube and no chance for support until the finish of stage 4, he would do the unthinkable. Martin would excite the crowd and ride up AND down Stage 4 on a bare rim, a true testament to the strength of the rims…and his competitive fire.
Anneke would also be dealt her fair share of bad luck. A cut tire on stage 2 proved to be unfixable with the supplies she carried. She would then pull out of Stages 3, 4 and 5, ending her weekend. She would ride the last 2 stages for the fans.
After taking a 5 minute penalty for a wheel change after stage 4, Martin pulled off an amazing display of riding over the last 3 stages, finishing those in 1st, 2nd and 4th place respectively. This definitely showed his maturity as a rider in adverse conditions. Although Martin would finish the weekend in 151st, he won the hearts of everyone at Wicklow.
Wyn is back! Returning from a 1 month hiatus due to injury, Wyn was able to pull off a 35th overall in Ireland! It’s great to see you back Wyn! The team will be off for two weeks until the next round of the World Cup in Fort William! See you in Scotland!