Race Report: WC #1 Lourdes, France

Apr 11, 2016


Race Report: WC #1 Lourdes, France. 

April 8-10.

A tough start.

All Photos by Sven Martin.

Lourdes marked the beginning of the World Cup Season. With the weekend starting with rainfall, the soil soon turned to clay like mud and created constantly changing conditions. 


The conditions would challenge the team in training and qualifiers. Sam and Brook both took big crashes for the team, while the relentless rain continued to make slippery conditions even worse. 


Jackson Frew would make the most of the challenging conditions and finish the weekend in 5th place.


Sam Dale would Qualify 26th, Brook 47th, Wyn 70th and Jackson 5th.


Finals morning was no easy task, Wyn would test his luck with a rock that caused him a concussion and Sam would be sidelined with a shoulder injury.


“It has definitely been a hard start of the DH Season. After having two great weeks in South America, bad luck hit us this week, with a lot of crashes in training and on the morning of the race. Wyn only could race at 70% being concused, Sam had to sit it out in the hospital, Brook had a few rough training days with less than ideal  training runs after seeing his team mates having a rough morning on raceday. At the end of the day, this is what racing is. Fortunately, Jackson had a good unthat put him in 5th. We did aim for a podium for him, it will come!" - Mark Maurrisen, Team Manager. 




1. Aaron Gwin 3:09.131

2. Steve Smith +2.471

3. Danny Hart +2.686

37. Brook Macdonald +15.283

72. Wyn Masters +30.988



1. Finn Isles 3:32.269

2. Matt Walker +1.559

3. Nikolas Nestoroff +3.180

5. Jackson Frew +7.444