Ronnie Renner

Career Highlights

7 Xgames Gold Medals (2013LAX, 2013 - barcelona-, 2012LAX, 2009LAX, 2008MEX, 2007LAX, 2007Dubai)

Current World Record Step Up Holder 47'

Current Highest Air on a quarterpipe 63' 2"

2005 Red Bull X-Fighters Mexico City winner

2006 Ride to the Hills Champion

Starred in 'The Great Ride Open" 2007-2008

instagram: @RendawgFMX

"It’s such an honor to be a GT Wingman alongside such awesome riders.. What an inspiring crew we have! Being the ‘crossover’ rider, my intent is to always bring my Freeride Moto vibe with me into other sports. 2018 is going to be extra special because I have done a huge change-up to my ‘Loose Program’ and gone back to my Florida roots, where I will be focusing on building up the ‘LPC’ ... aka the Loose Program Compound, which is a 10 acre playground for Moto, MTB and RZR riding/driving for my friends and family. I’m excited to share the progress and journey with the world, but also psyched to load the bikes and explore new trails, as well as hit some of the big events.. hoping to bring a GT bike with me wherever I go."