Dougie Butcher


6 time National Age Group Top 10 on 20' Bike

9 time National Age Group Top 10 on 24" Bike

2 Time National Age Group Top 20 on 20" Bike

2 time Redline Cup West Champion 20' Bike

8 time AZ State Champion BMX on 20" Bike

7 time AZ State Champion BMX on 24" Bike


First started riding two wheels when I was 3. On my 3rd birthday my parents took my training wheels off and gave me a push, I rode a big circle around the yard and ended up back where I started. Since that day it's been on... There hasn't been too many days in my life that I haven't been on a bike. It's hard to explain to those who don't get it, the feeling we get when riding two wheels. My Dad says, "It's in our blood".


Some not to well known facts about me are:

I like art. Especially paintings by all the "Masters", when we travel, I enjoy going to Art museums, I can spend hours in there, looking at the style, brushstrokes, shading, etc. of the various paintings.

I'm a dog lover, I like all animals but dogs are my favorite.