Rob Wise

BMX Freestyle News


  • 10th - X Games, BMX Street, 2008
  • 2nd - Chad Kerley Vitaminwater Invitational Obstacle #3, BMX Street, 2012
  • 3nd - Chad Kerley Vitaminwater Invitational Obstacle #1, BMX Street, 2012


Home town: Layton, Utah 

Currently living in: Layton 

Current Sponsors: GT bikes, DC shoes, Skullcandy, Demolition, 50/50 Bike shop, Markit

Years Riding: 13

Current bike set up:

GT Chanel frame laced up with all the sickest demolition parts. 

Dirt,Park or Street:

A little bit of everything is always good!

Favorite spot you have ever ridden:

Matt Beringers yard. 

Favorite place BMX has taken you to:

Singapore or Spain they are both amazing places 

What motivates you to ride:

My friends and the feeling I get when I do ride it's like nothing else. You can't beat it. 

What other things are you into besides riding:

Spending time with my wife Sydney.  Shooting guns, buying guns, camping and anything outdoorsy like that. And going on Harley rides. 

What crash sticks out in your mind and why:

I would have to say when I lacerated my liver because I'm lucky to still be here today after that one. I'll never forget that feeling of that rail breaking through my chest. I'm sure everyone remembers that crash in the Last Chance DVD, ha. 

Want to thank anyone?

Thanks to gt for working with me to get a dialed frame. DC shoes for doing a pro model tactic with me. Demolition for always keeping my bike fresh you guys are awesome. Skullcandy for always hooking me up with the best headphones out there. Dennis and all the Markit guys for letting me be apart of their amazing crew. Eddie and everyone at 5050 for everything you guys have helped me out with through out this crazy journey of BMX. Thanks to all my family and friends!!

Carpe Bikem!!
-Rob Wise