Arnaud Dubois

Career Highlights

  • European Champ - Junior
  • 2-time Euro Challenge Winner
  • 2nd European Champinship Elite 2009
  • 5-time Belgian Champ Elite


Home: Theux, Belgium
Number of Years Riding? 20
Thoughts about being a part of the GT program?
My first bike was a GT, so it's a come back to the roots! And I love the new bikes!
How did you find BMX?
We went to see a race with my parents, and asked to try... Never left..
How old were you?
I was 4 or 5 the first time I tried it.
What do you love most about BMX?
Going fast on a small bike, and travelling.
What do you like least about BMX?
Injuries are always hard. And the faster you go, the worse it gets!
Best place BMX has taken you?
I liked Australia, and the US is BMX country too.
Worst place BMX has taken you?  
Maybe Brazil where I spent 10 days at the hospital, and left my spleen.
What do you miss most when you are traveling?
Belgian bars...? And my good old friends there.
Who is your idol or role model?
I liked Thomas Allier a lot -- the person and the rider. Bryan Foster is funny too.
Anything special you like to do for your bike set?
I like to keep it simple, race style.
Future Goals or Plans?
I want to promote the sport over in Belgium, help kids to start.
Words of advice to the up-and-coming racers out there?
Keep working, take your bike and play with it, as long as you have fun and sit on the bike you'll improve!
Le boulot est fait... C'est que du bonus.
-Arnaud Dubois