Jonas Harmon

Factory BMX (Race) News

Career Highlights:  

  • Japan Superclass Champion
  • 4th place Pro Cruiser ABA world Cup
  • Various State Championships
  • 2 NAG plates
  • Travelling to Denmark for the Worlds


Home: Logan, Utah
Number of years riding: 15
Thoughts about being a part of the GT program?
Its an absolute honor!  Knowing the team riders that have rode for this program in the past and now to be a part of that program is incredible. Super stoked to be a part of it.
How did you find BMX?
My dad actually worked with a guy who had a son that raced BMX.  He went to watch his coworkers son race and thought it would be something that I would enjoy.  He came home and told me about it, and we have never looked back.
How old were you? 15.
What do you love the most about BMX?  
All the people that I have had the opportunity to meet and ride with all over the world.  I especially love the camaraderie among the older groups.  All of my best friends ride BMX, its where my family is.
What do you like least about BMX?  
Breaking my helmets, usually this means something bad happened.
Best place BMX has taken you?
Japan, Sweden, Denmark, British Columbia.
Who is your role model?  
Oh man, I have so many.  I look up to so many people, get the best out of everyone.  I would say I look up to anyone who has the mind set that no one is going to tell them they cant do something.  I look up everyone that wakes up takes care of business, their families, and still makes time to do the things they love.
Anything special you like to do for you bike set?
Make sure it’s clean!  A clean bike is happy bike.  Having my crank arms on straight is a pretty big deal, ha!
Future goals or plans?
Continue to grow as a husband/father, and rider.  Represent myself and GT to my best ability.  Stay competitive on the national circuit, and get NAG plates on both bikes.  Help develop the younger riders so they can experience what I have been so fortunate to experience.
Words of Advice to the up and coming racers out there?
Work hard, have fun, and SHRED LIFE!