Jordan Miranda

Factory BMX (Race) News

Career Highlights

  • Nag 1
  • World Champion x2
  • District Champion
  • State Champion
  • Gold Cup Champion


Number of years riding? 13 years.

Thoughts about being part of the GT program? 

It is the best feeling to be part of such a legendary team, and ride with the best of the best.  Also I believe GT will help me in my journey to being on the 2016 Olympic USA Team.

How did you find BMX?

A close friend down the street from my grandma’s house had a race bike and let me ride it one day.  So I told my dad for my birthday I wanted to start racing BMX and he took me out to METRO BMX on my fifth birthday ever since then I have been hooked to racing.

How old were you?

I was 4 when my grandpa started to teach me how to ride a bike.  Once I got the hang of it he would race me home from school to my house and taught me the technique to go faster.

What do you love the most about BMX? 

I love the thought of feeling free on the track, and the creativity to master a line. Also the competition to be number 1 always brings out the best in the rider.

What do you like least about BMX?

That the track isn’t open 24/7.

Best place BMX has taken you? 

It has taken me all over the world from Europe, France, Canada, and a bunch of different states.  Out of all these places my favorite was when I went to the worlds in Holland and I went to the Red Light District.

Worst place BMX has taken you?

The hospital by far.

What do you miss most when traveling?

My bed and friends.

Who is your idol or role model?

I have a lot of idols from BMX, but ever since I started racing my three favorite’s idols have been, Mike Day, Bubba Harris, and Steven Cisar.

Anything special you would like to do for your bike set?

I just like to have my bike looking clean and a big gear.

Future goals or plans?

My upcoming goals are to be NAG 1 this year and to go to the Worlds and podium.  My long term goals are to be part of the 2016 Olympics and bring home a medal, and to be a top contender in the supercross series.

Words of advice to upcoming racers out there? 

Believe and achieve cause everybody has been in the same spot when they first started racing, it’s the drive and determination that separates the good from the best.


Is it a BMX? Noooo, it's a GT bmx.
-Jordan Miranda