Sean Gaian

Factory BMX (Race) News

Career Highlights? 

  • 9X state champion
  • 4X redline cup champion
  • 11X Nag top ten
  • Nag 1
  • 2007 UCI World #2
  • 2011 UCI World Champ
  • 5th at 1st Nag 5 Challenge


Number of Years Riding? 
12 years.
Thoughts about being a part of the GT program? 
I am very excited to be part of the GT program. It is extremely professional, and one of the biggest changes I have made in my BMX career. 
How did you find BMX? 
We had a family friend that raced BMX and once we went up to watch him ride. I thought it looked like lots of fun and decided to try it out myself. My love of riding grew from there. 
How old were you? 
I was 4 years old when I first started riding BMX and turned expert by 5.
What do you love most about BMX? 
I love that you can have friends from all over the country and get the opportunity to constantly be traveling. I just love being on my bike riding, and enjoy the always tough competition.
What do you like least about BMX? 
I don’t like that the sport isn’t as well known as other sports. It is an Olympic sport, and should be a bigger part of the sporting community.
Best place BMX has taken you? 
Probably to the worlds in Denmark. It was an overall great experience and was a great to ride with the fastest kids from all the foreign countries.
Worst place BMX has taken you?  
I don’t think BMX has ever taken me somewhere bad. I enjoy each race and the atmosphere that surrounds the whole event. 
What do you miss most when you are traveling? 
When traveling, I miss my bed the most because no hotel room can quite compare to your own.
Who is your idol or role model? 
My main role model would be Connor Fields. He has always been a great friend to me, and always treated me like a younger brother. Connor has been a great mentor and an awesome coach, helping me to be the rider I am. 
Anything special you like to do for your bike set up?  
I don’t really work on my bike. My dad is always working on it and keeping it perfect, so I just ride it how he sets it up. 
Future Goals or Plans? 
My goal is to continue racing and try to get on the US team and eventually the Olympic team.
Words of advice to the up-and-coming racers out there?  
Ride hard and just have fun with the sport because it will only make you better.