Marc Beaumont

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Q & A

How did you get into biking How old were you?
A couple of friends in the village where I live had bikes, i bought one of there old one and started racing locally. After that I was hooked!!!!

What do you love most about mountain biking?
Its all down to you not anyone else, if you make a mistake its your fault!! On the flip side you put a rad run together and you win!!

What do you like least about mountain biking?
Downhill days when you have to push up.

Best place biking has taken you?
Can't beat riding at home with your friends.

If you could only ride at one place forever, where would it be? 
Whistler is amazing every year I go I ride something new.

What riders have influenced you the most?
So many you never stop learning Steve Peat has been a big influence on my riding.

What are your interests outside of riding?
Motocross, Golf, Shooting,  Who were your heroes as a kid? Wayne Rainey road racer.

If you could ride with anyone who would it be?
Jeremy Mcgrath.

If you weren’t a MTB pro, what other profession would you be involved in?
I don't have a clue all through school all I wanted to do was ride my bike!!! Some kind of sports trainer!

What is your favorite music/band/artist?
Kings of Leon.

What is the last thing you spent more than $100 on?
Crampons and a ice axe.

What was your first bike set up and how has it changed?
It was a hardtail with V brakes that did not work. Now I have brakes that work suspension thats mega all the thing I did not have on my old bike.I would ride it ,whatever state it was in!!!

Any advice for the young ‘uns coming into MTB?
Have fun don't come in to the sport with the goal of getting sponsored just enjoy riding.

There's only one place that riding has taken me I didn't want to go – the hospital.
-Marc Beaumont