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Trail Bikes

Long weeks and trail rides go hand in hand. GT Trail bikes are designed just for those adventures. From full suspensions to hardtails, GT has you covered.

““Absolutely buzzing for the future with GT, as you can see with this team lineup we’re going to have a lot of laughs and fun racing our bikes all while putting in the work that is needed. When there is a set up like this there will be success for the team and for myself. I’m really excited to get these bikes on the back wheel and going flat out.”” Sam Dale Read More
  1. 2013 Sensor 9R Expert
  2. 2013 Sensor 9R Elite
  3. 2013 Sensor 9R Comp
  4. 2013 Sensor 4.0

    2013 Sensor 4.0

    Retail: $ 1,670.00
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  5. 2013 Karakoram Hans Rey
  6. 2013 Karakoram 1.0
  7. 2013 Karakoram 2.0
  8. 2013 Karakoram 3.0 Hydr
  9. 2013 Karakoram 4.0 Mech
  10. 2013 Timberline 1.0
  11. 2013 Palomar

    2013 Palomar

    Retail: $ 330.00
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