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Our riders are the backbone of building bikes, and it is with great pleasure and extreme awesomeness that we get to bring the Rob Wise and Dave Dillewaard Signature models to the line this year. Along with the rest of the Dirt lineup this year, these bikes have 25/9 gearing and sealed hubs front and rear to keep you rolling smooth after a long day at the trails. You’ll also see more double-walled rims, more pivotal seat posts, and taller bars, because we are all about giving our riders exactly what they want.

  1. 2014 Fueler

    2014 Fueler

    Retail: $ 550.00
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  2. 2014 Bump

    2014 Bump

    Retail: $ 440.00
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  3. 2014 Fly 18"

    2014 Fly 18"

    Retail: $ 360.00
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  4. 2014 Fly 16"

    2014 Fly 16"

    Retail: $ 350.00
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  5. 2014 Ricochet
  6. 2014 Air

    2014 Air

    Retail: $ 270.00
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