Over the last few years, there has been a definite shift in the road community away from the traditional race mindset. Understanding that the non-conformist of the Road needs a high-performance daily ripper, our EnduRoad bikes are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to go on all-day adventures, race a Fondo, or explore those hidden side roads just outside of town. Unconstrained by the usual UCI guidelines of most road bikes, we’ve loaded up on features that matter to the kind of rider who rebels against what road riding “should” be and wants a bike that knows no bounds.

  1. Grade Carbon Ultegra
  2. Grade Carbon 105
  3. Grade Alloy X

    Grade Alloy X

    Retail: $ 1,890.00
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  4. Grade Alloy 105

    Grade Alloy 105

    Retail: $ 1,410.00
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  5. Grade Alloy Tiagra
  6. Grade Alloy Sora
  7. Grade Alloy Claris