Progress is forward movement, no matter where you start. GT’s Freestyle lineup has a bike for everyone, from the newbie learning their first cancan to seasoned vets like team riders Brian Kachinsky and Jason Phelan. With lightweight, sturdy frames, and every possible configuration of set-up, the only way to go is forward.

  1. BK Team Signature
  2. BK Team Comp

    BK Team Comp

    Retail: $ 500.00
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  3. BK Team

    BK Team

    Retail: $ 420.00
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  4. JPL Team
  5. JPL Team Comp
  6. Wise Team Signature
  7. Wise Team

    Wise Team

    Retail: $ 420.00
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  8. Wise Team Comp
  9. Jr. Performer 18
  10. Performer 20"
  11. Pro Performer 26
  12. Slammer


    Retail: $ 280.00
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