Kids have their own riding style, and it’s one that changes over time. We’ve completely redesigned the Kids’ lineup with bikes that fit every size and type of rider. Each model has the same quality and durability you’ve come to expect with GT’s full-size rides. And by utilizing GT’s Legit Fit system across the range, these bikes are designed specifically for those growing shredders.

  1. Grunge Boy's 12"
  2. Siren Girl's 12"
  3. Grunge Coaster 16"
  4. Siren Coaster 16"
  5. Grunge Coaster 20"
  6. Siren Coaster 20"
  7. Stomper Prime 20"
  8. Stomper Prime 24"
  9. Stomper Ace 24"
  10. Stomper Prime 26"