Calvin Krey


Home town: Ogden, UT 

Currently living in: Layton, UT 

Current Sponsors: GT Bikes, 5050BMX

Years Riding: 7

Current bike set up? No Brakes 4 pegs and a lot of hub/bashguards 

Dirt, Park or Street? Street and Park

Favorite spot you have ever ridden?

That's hard to say but you could have endless fun in Beringer's backyard.

Favorite place BMX has taken you?

Last year GT flew me out to New York and that was crazy

What motivates you to ride?

Having fun with my friends.

What other things are you into besides riding?

I love race cars and motorcycles. Pretty much anything you can make loud and fast I'm into 

What crash sticks out in your mind and why?

About 3 months ago I tweaked my back doing a 540 to flat. It has been hurting on and off since then and right now I can't even ride because of it so it sticks out in my mind haha.