Chase Krolicki is the newest member of the BMX Freestyle squad. Having grown up in the Michigan BMX scene, Krolicki has been surrounded by long-time veterans of the industry as well as up-and-coming pros who have helped him develop a unique style.
“I’m stoked to have Chase on the team,” said Ben Ward, GT BMX Team and Product Manager. “I first met Chase in 2014 on a road trip to Detroit, Michigan. I was immediately impressed with his attitude and his riding. Then, I saw his part in The Michigan Video, and he blew me away. He has the new school technical moves, but he’s not afraid to send it when he has a chance.
“I’ve stayed in touch with Chase since then, and jumped at the opportunity to work with him at a brand level.  The crew and I are more than excited to get Chase into the mix. 2017 is going to be seriously fun.”