Martin Maes wraps up the 2019 Enduro World Series season with a decisive win! The Swiss high alpine trails and the Matterhorn served as the stage for the exciting season finale' where Martin would win three of the five stages.

After catching his breath the blazing Belgian shared his excitement. "This win has a special taste for sure. I’ve never thought coming back racing after a 3 months break would be so difficult. Saturday night crossing the finish line was a big relief. I’m ready for next year already and more excited than ever!"

For Noga Korem it would be a bittersweet race. Noga had already locked in 2nd place overall for the season but wanted to conclude the season with an exclamation point but a mechanical on the first stage would leave her unable to pedal for the first three stages costing her valuable time. Before stage #4 she was able get her bike fixed and finished an adrenaline fed stage #4 and #5 with a 2nd and a 4th place.

Noga recapped her weekend and season. "The year was a dream season for the last race. Super happy to finish seven of the eight races this year in the top-five. Felt great in training and was ready to fight for the win. All was going well until five minutes into stage until #1 I had a mechanical so unfortunately I was not able to prove what I felt I could do. Super fired up to train hard in the off season and look forward to some great racing in 2020!"

It was a tough weekend for Wyn Masters but proved his consistency during the season and would finish out the year with a 22nd overall. Don't expect Wyn to have much of an off season as he continues to travel and ride more more incredible trails around the world.

The 2019 season had its ups and downs but the GT Factory Racing Team always kept it fun and shared in the good times with all who rolled along with them. Time to relax, recalibrate and set goals for the 2020 season which is sure to be a great one! Thank you to all of the great GT staff, team partners, family, friends and fans who continue to support the team! Cheers!