"Slay The Bay is the latest urban adventure from Hans Rey as he traverses the San Francisco Bay area in 5 days. He was joined by Freeride legend Brett Tippie as they explored this iconic city with its beautiful nature and trails on their mountain bikes and ebikes. Along the way they were joined by more superstars as they got to ride the legendary Repack Downhill with some of the original pioneers of mountain biking; Joe Breeze, Charlie Kelly and Otis Guy. And shred the trails in Pacifica with Junior Downhill World Champion Jackson Goldstone. Enjoy this 4K documentary has they explore this California city with its famous landmarks, people, culture and history - has well as many lesser known spots. Special guest appearance by Ancient Astronaut Theorist Giorgio A. Tsoukalos. Get yourself some popcorn and a beverage - let's Slay The Bay."    -Hans Rey